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Travel advisory for all of you who love animals and want to come to Greece

Travel advisory for all of you who love animals and want to come to Greece


It is true that Greece could be an ideal place for vacation. The history, the natural beauty, the entertainment, the sunshine and the culture all combined together in a unique way is worthwhile for one to get to know.

But there are also black spots:
• In our seas the local fishermen pursue massively and with malignancy the marine mammals, which they consider competitors for all the -more rare- fishing. Dozens of dolphins, whales, seals are being washed up on shore brutally killed and mutilated.
• At many touristy islands (Santorini, Rhodes, Hydra etc.) the equestrian are considered carriers or means of transport for the tourist industry. Their life is characterized by exhausting working hours, lack of water and food, beating, long exposure to the host sun, diseases and abuse. The local and national authorities disregard their torturous and consider them as the other side of the tourist growth.
• In spite of the strict prohibition of the law to kill animals for the purpose of rituals, this continuous to take place in Greece. With the blessing of the religious and the political authorities, lambs, bulls, chickens and calves are being killed with no anesthesia after they have been first “ashamed”, terrified and tortured for hours. At many festivals, like the ones at Lesvos island, the animals’ blood is being used to sprinkle the spectators as they consider it precious and as a blessing.
• In whole of Greece millions of stray animals, particularly dogs and cats live tortured lives under the indifference eye of the society and the politicians of the country. The animals by thousands get injured, amputated, tortured, chased, abused, killed, leveled on the asphalt. It is about an on-going Greek Tragedy, that all sensitive locals and visitors have to participate forcibly almost on a daily basis.
• In the Greek countryside you will witness captured wild animals, hunting trophies in open view, hunting orgy with no restrictions and abandoned dogs, the so-called barrel dogs.
At most restaurants and hotels, the Mediterranean diet is viewed as an unpleasant memory. The vegan options are rare and the non- consumption of animal products is being considered as a malicious weirdness.

The Greek paradise is hell for the animals. If, however, you insist on coming to our country, please do not stay indifferent. Post whatever you witness to the internet and share with your friends. Protest to the authorities, to the embassy of your country, to your hotel and to your tourist agency. Stand up with us for the animals of Greece.

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