A letter from the animals in Greece, to you, our visitor

A letter from the animals in Greece, to you, our visitor


Dear friend,
Greece is a great country for vacation. However, you need to be aware, that unfortunately, we, the animals, suffer in this country. As long as you are in our presence, we need your vigilance and your help.

If you happen to become a witness of an abusive or illegal treatment towards an animal, you can report it
to the Public Prosecutor. You can complain, in writing, to the hotel or/and to your travel operator. You can also send a letter to the local news. Take pictures and make a documented post to social media. Praise the Greeks who do the right thing. Do not participate in events that violate our rights.

In Greece we appreciate greatly our visitors’ opinion. We want our visitors to have a good impression of our country and we are bothered when that does not happen.

This is what you can see, though, while in Greece:

► Animals (dogs, cats, equine) being beaten, harassed, chased by car or motorbike, and animals left injured in the street.
► Equine that are being used as an attraction at touristic destinations.
► Stray dogs and cats that suffer without food and water or protection from the sun.
► Restaurants without vegan dishes or restaurants that emphasize meat eating. Between 1-15th of August according to the tradition Greeks eat “ladera”, dishes with grilled vegetables and olive oil. Show them that you know and you appreciate their traditions and you want to see them being respected.
► Fish-Restaurants with false information regarding the quality or the kinds that are being served (approximately 40% fraud is to be found in such places). The Greek sea, like the rest of the sea, is dying. The best thing would be not to eat fish or seafood at all.
► Hotels that serve breakfast without plant-based milk, butter or yogurt.
► Religious functions involving illegal animals’ sacrificing or shaming.
► Dogs that live chained at barrels, at balconies or roofs and equine with their legs tied up.
Improvised slaughterhouses in barns or back yards.

► Chase of sea mammals. Killing of octopus with repeated severe beating on the ground.
► Hunters who shoot protected, rare species or wild animals (hawks, pelicans, seagulls, flamingo etc.) or create a threatening atmosphere to touristic routes or trekking sites. If you see hunters displaying their prey, know that it is illegal.
► Improvised, illegal “markets” even for wild animals.
When something like that happens…
- I appeal to the Prosecutor and I report the incident.
- I complain in writing, to the hotel and to my tourist operator.
- I send a letter to the local news.
- I take pictures and I make a documented post to social media.
- I praise and support the Greeks who do the right thing.
- I do not participate in touristic events that violate animals’ rights.

Translation by
Diana Fakiola

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